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  • All your lists on one page
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  • Drag-and-drop controls
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  • Meeting Agenda

    • Designing custom landing pages for ad campaigns

    • User feedback on feature X

    • Hiring people to fill support and marketing positions

    • Partnership opportunities with Company Y

    • Building and distributing our API

    • Ask Bill about the progress on feature Z

    • Mention new competitors, our competitive advantage

  • Packing for my Business Trip

    • Blue suit

    • 2 dress shirts

    • 2 ties

    • Brown shoes

    • Dress socks

    • Shower gel

    • Toothpaste

  • Homework

    • Computer science assignment due Thursday

    • E-commerce discussion question

    • Geography term project

    • Study for geography quiz

    • Read chapter 7 in economics

    • Economics mid-term on Friday

    • Finance proposal due Thursday

All your lists on one page

Break down bigger tasks into actionable steps, and see everything at a glance.


"Thoughtboxes might be the custom Tom Ford suit of productivity tools."


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Access your lists anywhere

Thoughtboxes is web-based, so there is nothing to download, and you can log on and access your lists from anywhere.

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